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Jan. 22,  2019  —  Welcome to my David Carr name site. 

You may consider this another on line resume and point of contact. My name competes with a great quarterback and a great deceased journalist

My Full Time Job is to treat other people as I would want to be treated, be a good dad, husband and member of my community.  Success in this occupation requires  daily attention as the world can challenges me to get frustrated or take  defensive, instead of collaborative positions on matters of great momentary importance…. 

My daily responsibility is to  take care of myself by, eating good food, maintaining my shelter, developing my character and protecting my reputation so  can do well by doing good. When I am good on the inside  ca focus my efforts on bettering my community, one person or experience at a time …MORE


Favotite Sayings

  1. What we do next is most important

2)  Treat other people as you would want to be treated.

3)  DO not go where the road leads, instead head in he right direction b making a new path and leaving a trail of good works.

4) It takes a lifetime to build a reputation and a moment to loose it.

5) it takes longer to fix it than it does to not break it.

6) What the mind ad concieve the brain and body can achieve.

7) If you build it, they will come, as long as it helps them more than you.

8) Doing well by doing good is better than doing well.

9) You never get another chance to make a first impression.

10) Little things become big things,  so pay attention to them when they are little when they are easier to craft.

11) Eating well is the best revenge

12) Don’t give mean people free rent in your head. Forgive them and they will go away.

Licensed Real Estate Consultant. My previous experience in Systemic family therapy helps me understand process. Since real estate is a job that requires me to be available, yet  but doing a lot on the computer and phone,  I have leveraged the Sprint Galaxy power of being wireless to develop some other interests including feeding people who have food access challenges and advocating for environmental stewardship. 

Being self employed, I  am fortunate to make my schedule while supporting well qualified clients who understand my business philosophy. 

I work to make this a place where you can invest in the future through education and acquisition of real estate. My motivation for practicing real estate agency is to help others have a better quality of life, accomplished through education, experience and advocacy.  When I share my experience and education to help you avoid problems and identify opportunity, I have succeeded.

  2019 is a good time for Connecticut.  You don’t get filet mignon when you order a cheeseburger, and you don’t get low taxes without compromise. Living in Connecticut is convenient, enjoyable and comparably affordable. Just think about how much everything costs in NYC or how far you may have to drive to buy anything in a rural state with low taxes.   

At the top right of this screen you can see “My Links” which delivers a professional resume and educational resources.  The top left goes to my YouTube Channel  “David Carr Milford New Haven Ct Real Estate Expert” which has my 3Q2018 New Haven Milford Metro CT market discussion, and other educational videos. A well advised qualified person is my best client. 

 I am the person you can trust to help you to achieve the results you seek when the time is right for you, by applying my vision and values to your real estate experience. Berkshire Hathaway Real Estate Home Service’s position as the most trusted, respected and financially stable real estate company in the world enhances my experience and ability to deliver promised results without disappointment. That’s the nature of my mission statement, to be “The Foundation of Your Success in Real Estate since 1996©” . 

 My practice and experience since 1996  is about building relationships through trust, compassion, integrity, transparency and discernment, so you can recognize opportunity and avoid problems.   I work on referral and by introducing my service menu to prospective clients in person and on line.  

I appreciate you are interested in learning about me and how I can help you accomplish your goals in lifestyle and  financial independence.  All my content is original, subject to ©opyright and available on different platforms which have been established as early as 1997. You can find more of my ©opyright work online.

Discernment, interpretation, verification, online-security and discussion of market or property information are invaluable skills I, David Carr, deliver to my clients since 1996. My commitment to transparency, advocacy and good faith negeoitation brings recognized value to all parties of my transactions.


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It’s not what you make. it’s what you keep, and wisely invest            #HomeOwnershipBuildsWealth       



Real Estate Agency is like baseball, the rules are the same but every game is different.

Honesty, Integrity, Transparency & Commitment define my course of action.

The trust I have earned is worth more than the money.

Consistent Communication creates trust and peace of mind.

Superior Market and Community Knowledge builds confidence and recognizes latent value.

Attention to Transaction Detail Management prevents problems.

Bulls Eye Market Updates via email support my dedicated clients.

Hear what others have to say, as I can only learn by listening.

Make others successful and my success will follow.

Treating others as I would want to be treated.

The opportunity to help others achieve their financial goals is a sacred trust.

Knowledge is the foundation of one’s ability to make a good decision.

As your fidicuary agent, I always put your best interests first.

 Designer of  www.ahomeforme.com

You may be able to use as much as $10,000 from an IRA for qualified acquisition expenses, and buy investment property with your IRA. Homeowner ship remains a pathway to forced savings, inflation protection, tax savings, possibly preferential locations, and financial security in retirement. Make one extra Principal & Interest payment per year and retire a 30 mortgage in 26 years. Remember you never stop paying rent, and monthly rent never goes down.